diamorph hob certec s.r.o. as the only innovative roller producer introduces its new Hyperroll Dense Nano

Tecnargilla 2012


diamorph hob certec succesfully exhibited at Tecnargilla 2012, the most important exhibition of suppliers to ceramics

HOB CerTec changes its name


HOB CerTec changes its name, VAT and identification number due to new ownership of Diamorph Sweden.

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden visited diamorph hob certec


H.M.King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the ambassador of Sweden in Czech Republic as a part of the annual Royal Technology Mission (RTM)


A new roller generation to save costs in the firing process by permanent roller change during kiln operation.


  1. stop of the kiln and production are no more necessary to clean the rollers
  2. saving of production costs so as a counterbalance the rising energy costs
  3. more productivity, all sizes and bodies in just one kiln with one roller type
  4. easier cleaning of rollers due to harder surface
  5. longer life-span of rollers, up to 2 years

The increasing competitive pressure on the tile manufactures compels them to cut their costs and to be more productive and flexible at the same time. In order to meet these requirements in the firing process, where about 60 % of the factory´s energy is needed, HOB CerTec has further modified its new high performance roller HYPERROLL and introduced HYPERROLL - NG.

The aim was to continue replacing of dirty rollers (tiles sticking) with clean rollers in the kiln during operation, without lowering the temperature and without stops.

The rollers are usually cleaned every 2 - 3 months from dirtiness by stopping the kiln (lowering the temperature from about 1200˚C to about 800˚C), to avoid any deformation of the tiles (reject of second and third choice) as well as to quarantee the straight throughput of ware.

HYPERROLL - NG puts into practice a new method consisting of extracting and replacing every day about 5 - 10 rollers, according to the number of rollers in the main firing zone and to the cleaning time, with clean rollers at full temperature and during operation. Moreover,

HYPERROLL - NG withstands the daily change of the firing parameters for different bodies (such as red porous, white and fine stomeware) and sizes.

HYPERROLL - NG is perfectly resistant to thermal shocks and highly resistant to chemical attacks as well.

HYPERROLL - NG can be cleaned more easily by means of a belt grinding machine. Thanks to its extreme hardness (this roller is fired about 1700˚C) the need for labour and time to operate the kiln and change the rollers is reduced.

With HYPERROLL - NG it isn´t any more necessary to stop the kiln every 2 - 3 months when cleaning the rollerrs, after lowering the temperature, which was toilsome to make and expensive, because it led to 4 - 6 hours interruption of the tile production and also required more workers for the kiln operation.

All HYPERROLL - NG and other rollers leave the HOB CerTec factory after a very precise laser checking which quarantees their perfect rotation. They are provided with and inspection report which can be used by the client as entry control. Instead of just talking about quality HOB CerTec quarantees it for each roller shipped.

Specifické vzdělávání v diamorph hob certec s.r.o.

V roce 2013 předložila společnost diamorph hob certec s.r.o., ve snaze o podporu specifického, vzdělání, v rámci výzvy B3 EDUCA IV projekt pro získání dotace z prostředků EU. Žádost o poskytnutí dotace byla Rozhodnutím Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí ČR schválena a společnosti diamorph hob certec s.r.o. byla poskytnuta finanční dotace z Evropského sociálního fondu (ESF) prostřednictvím Operačního programu Lidské zdroje a zaměstnanost (OPLZZ). Registrační číslo projektu: CZ.1.04/1.1.04/B3.00057.

Hlavní cíl: Posílení konkurenceschopnosti společnosti, prostřednictvím cíleného specifického vzdělávání a přípravy interních (podnikových) lektorů, jakožto opatření reagujících na:

  • identifikovaná slabá místa/potenciál kvalifikace zaměstnanců ve stávajícím výrobním programu,
  • zavedení nové, unikátní výroby, založené na transferu patentovaného know-how,
  • potřeby (cíle) společnosti a požadavky trhu.