TECNARGILLA 2016 26-30 September in RIMINI ITALY




CEVISAMA 2016 - 1st-5th February - Valencia Spain


diamorph hob certec will be at Cevisama at the stand No. D12 (Level 3 – Pavillon 3) of our Spanish rep. SICC – Suministros Industriales Cogullada Castellon from 1st to 5th of February 2016.



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Come to visit us at Ceramitec 2015 in Hall A2 Stand 403.

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diamorph hob certec


diamorph hob certec is a 100% swedish owned czech manufacturing company managed by the german founder and CEO

  • HOB CerTec was founded  1995 in Horní Bříza, Czech Republic by the German ceramic manager Heinz Poehlmann as a Czech/German high-tech joint venture company together with Keramika Horní Bříza as tile manufacturer. The initiator Poehlmann provided the ceramic know-how and the German machine design and built-up as managing partner the company to a world leading and the most innovative roller manufacturer with up to 10% world market share and  95% export to more than 30 countries. End of 2011 Mr.Poehlmann joint forces with the Swedish Diamorph group, an advanced materials company originating from the world leading department of Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University in order to prepare the future growth. After take over  the company changed the name to diamorph hob certec in 2012. Mr.Poehlmann become 10% share holder in the mother company Diamorph Bearing and stays at CEO in diamorph hob certec  . In May 2012 as an award His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden together with the Royal Technology Mission visited the plant in Horní Bříza.His Majesty was impressed how the company succeded to rise from the village league to the world championship in rollers.

  • The main feature and strength of   diamorph hob certec   is a combination of the German passion for perfection and open-minded Czech engineers in combination with a Japan-inspired business model and management style. This is truly visible in every aspect of diamorph hob certec ´s production, product portfolio, and zero-defect achievement on the one side, and sales power and the ability for timely delivery of products of excellent quality to customers on the other side. The production is running in 3 shifts, 24 hour/day and 7 days a week.40 people produce up to 500.000 rollers.

  • Horní Bříza in the region of Pilsen, 60 km away from german border is the 5000 sqm manufacturing area on the ground of 25000 sqm which gives the opportunity to expand production with very innovative new products from the mother Diamorph AB and its laboratory in Stockholm. The product portfolio includes air space components, rollers for hybrid bearings, wear resistant components and more. 

  • diamorph hob certec   offers outstanding product advantages by high quality kiln roller materials Speciaroll, Superroll (H) and newly developed Hyperroll series. Precision grinding of roller end pieces for perfect fit and long life span of driving adaptors.

  • diamorph hob certec  gives an unique 100 % quality guarantee by automatic laser checking of all rollers and quality seal on each product. All shipments are documented by inspection report. Therefore all rollers are first choice quality.

  • diamorph hob certec   is a top supplier to the leading tile and kiln manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Russia Iran and CZ. Very dynamic development since 1995 with a strong share in the mentioned leading tile markets. 

  • diamorph hob certec   introduced the world longest rollers (5 meter) in 1996 to widen roller kiln cross section and the world largest tube (Ø 200 x 5200 mm) for future kiln designs in 1999 as international milestone in the ceramic roller industry. In 2008 at Tecnargilla in Italy HOB CerTec showed a new world record with a 6 m roller. This roller is used for the production of large plasma TV pannels in Japan.

  • diamorph hob certec developed highly innovative products as Superringroll for rapid cooling zone and Correctoroll to bring tiles in line.

  • diamorph hob certec  introduced at the world leading ceramic exhibition Tecnargilla 2012 in Italy the second to none Hyperroll Dense Nano which is a roller without porosity offering double strength against bending and provides a very straight tile transportation through the kiln with less deformation.Hyperroll Dense Nano is also applicable for wear resistant applications as pneumatic transport in tubes up to lenghts of 4 meter. 



Specifické vzdělávání v diamorph hob certec s.r.o.

V roce 2013 předložila společnost diamorph hob certec s.r.o., ve snaze o podporu specifického, vzdělání, v rámci výzvy B3 EDUCA IV projekt pro získání dotace z prostředků EU. Žádost o poskytnutí dotace byla Rozhodnutím Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí ČR schválena a společnosti diamorph hob certec s.r.o. byla poskytnuta finanční dotace z Evropského sociálního fondu (ESF) prostřednictvím Operačního programu Lidské zdroje a zaměstnanost (OPLZZ). Registrační číslo projektu: CZ.1.04/1.1.04/B3.00057.

Hlavní cíl: Posílení konkurenceschopnosti společnosti, prostřednictvím cíleného specifického vzdělávání a přípravy interních (podnikových) lektorů, jakožto opatření reagujících na:

  • identifikovaná slabá místa/potenciál kvalifikace zaměstnanců ve stávajícím výrobním programu,
  • zavedení nové, unikátní výroby, založené na transferu patentovaného know-how,
  • potřeby (cíle) společnosti a požadavky trhu.