diamorph hob certec

diamorph hob certec is a Czech technical ceramic manufacturing company founded in the year 1995, located in a traditional ceramics location in western Bohemia since 1890.

hob certec is the manufacturer of unique and advanced materials for the ceramic roller industry, and the only manufacturer who can offer a complete range of roller materials and designs for the best solution in the ceramics industry.

The business philosophy together with the installation during 2017 of the world’s largest gas heated kiln for production of ceramic rollers, confirms the position of hob certec as the leader in the ceramic rollers market.

In 2023, Hob Certec emerged as the headquarters of Diamorph Group's high-temp division. We have expanded our product line to include cement boards and hot gas filters, in addition to ceramic rollers. To drive innovation, we have opened a new R&D center focused on advancing manufacturing capabilities. Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency remains strong as we strive to lead the industry in quality and innovation.






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