Leader in innovation

We, Hob Certec, are the headquarters of the high-temp division of the Diamorph Group. Our main focus is to work closely with our partners, understand their concerns, and provide solutions that meet their needs. This is ingrained in our company's values.

At Hob Certec, we have two main areas of focus: developing new products and continuously improving quality. Our goal is to solve the common problems associated with ceramic rollers and make them a thing of the past.


New product development

For many years, hob certec has been defined as a leader through the continuous development of unique and advanced materials for the ceramic roller industry.

We are recognized as leaders in the ceramic roller industry because of our experience in developing advanced materials. By listening to our clients' daily challenges in kiln operations, we constantly improve the performance of our ceramic rollers. Our team consists of highly educated professionals, and we have a modern testing facility to ensure the quality of our products. We keep up with industry trends and expand our product range to stay ahead.

Before introducing a new product, we conduct thorough testing in our laboratory and on our in-house test benches. Only after passing these tests and meeting our strict quality standards, do we release the product to the market. This ensures that our customers receive reliable and efficient solutions.

To support our commitment to innovation, in spring 2023 we opened a new Research and Development (R&D) center. This facility allows us to conduct cutting-edge research, collaborate with others, and stay at the forefront of ceramic roller technology.

At Hob Certec, we are passionate about delivering exceptional results and revolutionizing the ceramic roller industry with our advanced solutions.

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